About Us

Welcome to Carvoeiro!

A life-long love affair with the beaches in the Algarve gave Carvoeiro its authenticity and purpose. Its thoughtful collection of beachwear is an essential for any beach lover looking for a  sun-drenched escape to paradise, inspiring confidence and joy with each wear. 

It was the relaxation under the sun, the frolicking in the waves, the feeling of being closer to nature, the freshest tastiest healthy food on hand, spending time with the local community, and generally enjoying the fun with loved ones. This is why Carvoeiro is so special to us. We want to share this experience with you.

Come and join us in the spirit of Carvoeiro!


Our Values

We are still a small company, and sometimes when starting out, not all goals will be achieved at once. However, we think it is important to keep those goals in mind and never stop aiming higher.

We would like to share what we value the most with you so you can get to know who we are:

  • We value transparency.
  • We will always aim to have as little impact in the environment as possible.
  • Our exclusive products are printed only after you have ordered them, making sure that they aren't wasted or unwanted but instead loved and appreciated for as long as they can. 
  • Some other products are carefully curated from suppliers all over the world. We will always favour local manufacturers and suppliers with fair wages over large scale companies that exploit their workers.
  • There is far too much information and noise out there. We prefer to take it down a notch and only send you emails when it is worth it. 
  • We love when people strive and are at their best, so it will always be our want that everyone in our team is exactly where they want to be and is treated with the respect that every human being deserves.